AWMTB Gravity Enduro


We have saved the best for last AWMTB Gravity Crew presents the Middy’s GRAVITY ENDURO (formerly super d).  December 14 the AWMTB Gravity Crew are hosting Nail Can Hills first official Gravity Enduro.
What is Gravity Enduro? A great fun race format where your race runs are timed from the top of the hill to the end of the trail.
Top of the Hill
That sounds like hard work? Not when you ride up in a SHUTTLE.
That sounds expensive? At only $40 for the day which includes a mandatory practice run and 2 race runs including shuttles it is one of the cheapest gravity enduro events
But I don’t have a MTBA licence? That’s ok day licences are available for $20
How do I enter?
or the events Page of the MTBA website.
Make sure you get in quick as numbers are strictly limited