Welcome to the new AWMTB website!

It’s with

great delight that I welcome you to the new AWMTB web site.

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU! to Brad Spinelli, Matt Hardinge and Anthony Cheesman for their assistance in getting this new site to version 1.0.

Brad has put in a huge amount of work behind the scenes getting the new site loaded with the content while I’ve been handling the “strategic implementation” of the new content management system/blogging platform (WordPress). And by strategic implementation, I mean, slapping it all together.

We’ve put in countless hours to get to this point, and have a lot more to go, no doubt. There are plenty of new features to come including a spiffy Calendar (currently a little bare) and photo gallery system (a work-in-progress).

Why the change? I know a lot of you will be sad to see Paul’s web site go (it has been part of the furniture for AWMTB for as long as I can remember) but the new system will allow any committee member to upload and create new content, rather than relying on one or two people – plus a swag of other geeky features.

But never fear – we held on to the forum. We know you all love it, plus it’d be a shame to see Paul’s hand-crafted ingenuity end up in the trash can!

The "old" AWMTB web site

The “old” AWMTB web site

In saying goodbye to the old site I’d like to say thank you also to Paul Bristow for all his work building the old web site and running it for many years prior, I know we have very big shoes to fill!

You can see an archive of the old web site here (please don’t expect everything to “work”): http://www.alburywodongamtb.org.au/archive/index.html

For anyone who visits now and thinks “where did that page go?” – please let me know what’s missing, and I’ll endeavour to bring it back from the archive. Any constructive feedback regarding the new web site you have would also be appreciated. In either case, please flick me an email to [email protected].

Cheers, Scott