Get your wheels down to the latest bike track in town at Black Range Park

8 May 2014

Calling into Black Range Park this afternoon I found local children pedalling about with their friends and even a Dad on a hybrid bike cruising around the course.

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The scene made me smile and reinforced the thought that the track that Albury City has reinvigorated for the Monumental Kids Mountain Bike Series, will be enjoyed by a far wider group of people.

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This thought had begun a few days ago when a resident across the street had called out to me and we started talking. She was worried the work going on was to remove the track and that the local kids would be devastated. I assured her the work was only going to improve the track and make it more enjoyable for a wide spread of ages of children. I realised then that we were messing with a feature already enjoyed by people in the neighbourhood and I knew we had a responsibility to ensure the outcome of our work should improve the asset for everybody. I think we have achieved that.

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Check it out with your kids, I think they will like it. Maybe even bring your own bike for a few laps…

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